Best Tips To Doing the Nutrisystem diet

So it's been about a month now since my last post and I've down about 18 pounds in total. Not bad for 2 months right?

Yay! I'm almost to my goal. However I've been floating around that mark of 17 pounds then 18, then back to 17 then to 19 and back to 17.

I think it's hormonal weight gain right now (you know what I'm talking about ladies).  I just have to keep on the program and stick with it as I'm ALMOST to my goal!!!

I do love the way my clothes fit - actually I've had to buy a few new pairs of pants and a new suit for work. I know it's tough right?

Another thing I love is feeling so confident. I never worry when people around me are taking pics or want to shove me in their selfie. I used to hate how I looked in pictures and would cringe inside whenever I saw my pic on someone's Facebook feed.

Anyways, now I don't even worry about it because I know I'll actually like what I see. That's freedom baby! I also like that my face has slimmed down considerably and I just look prettier - which again is great for the confidence boost. Who knows I might even try one of those dating sites when this is all over.

Ok, so let's get to the meat of things. I decided to do a post on a few of the things I've learned so far doing this diet.

So here are my top tips to doing the Nutrisystem diet right:

#1 Find your Favorite Veggies - and Keep them Well Stocked

I chose my favorites like baby carrots, cucumber slices and red leaf lettuce for salads.. When cravings hit I could whip up a quick salad - and even added the chili on top one night for flavor.

Buy lots of veggies that you can grab and snack on when hunger hits.  Also have ones you can also add to your dinners like for side dishes. This will keep you full and satisfied - not to mention full of energy.

And if you get hungry the veggie stir-fry is your best friend. My favorite combo is zucchini, broccoli, asparagus and baby carrots.

#2 Make Fruit Your Dessert

Ok, I, like anyone else, really love the sweet stuff on Nutrisystem. Chocolate fudge bar, Red Velevet Whoopie Pit, keep them coming! But that's just stoking the flame.

More and more, I'm trying to make fruit my "treat" when I needed something sweet and it has started to retrain my tastes. I'm hoping that if I relearn to go for healthy fruit when I need a treat, I won't dive face-first into a bowl of Chocolate peanut butter ice cream when I'm done this plan.

#3 Spices Can Be Your Best Friends on This Diet

While Nutrisystem does have some very good meals (Mushroom stuffed Chicken Breast, I'm looking at you), some of the other food options can be, well, bland. Not bad, just plain. They leave you a bit...unsatisfied. Wanting more is a better way to put it. Add in hunger and this is not a good combo.

Want a quick work-around? Learn to use spices liberally - they are allowed on this plan (unless you don't like them). I love my garlic and onion powder. For added zip, you may want to try adding some ground chilli peppers. It will change your life I swear! I also hear it's very good for your heart.

This is a simple way you can turn a regular entree into a really tasty dinner. So learn to use spices in your meals - your meals will be more enjoyable.

#4 Ask For Help

If you get the Core or Premium plan you can call and ask them questions pretty much any time. I admit I have actually used this service.

I'm a pretty private person and never thought I would. But I was having some real trouble getting over a plateau and was getting frustrated so I bit the bullet and called. It really helped to have someone listen to me.

And Jenny (ironic name isn't it?) was actually really positive and helpful to talk to. She was so sure I could do this plan and reach my goal that I started to believe it too. And that really helped me keep going.

So those are my top tips. I might do another blog post with a few more but I think these were the ones that pushed me over the top on this diet. And I'm so close to my goal I can almost taste it (was that a bad things to say?)

Anyways. Until next time my friends.

Love Tanya xo